Monstrous Menagerie

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March 05, 2023 – March 12, 2023





Good day, everyone. Today, we are excited to introduce you to a unique and exciting NFT project called "Monstrous Menagerie." This project is a limited edition collection of 1000 hand-drawn 3 frame Monsters, each of which is entirely unique and one-of-a-kind.

So what exactly is Monstrous Menagerie?

Essentially, it's a collection of digital art pieces in the form of Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) that are designed to showcase our creativity and build a community that have one common goal.

But what makes Monstrous Menagerie truly unique is the fact that each Monster is made up of three frames, which creates a sense of movement that excites the mind. This means that each Monster is not just a static image, but rather a dynamic piece of art.

Another exciting aspect of this project is the fact that it is a limited edition collection. There are only 1000 Monsters available, which means that each one is incredibly valuable and rare. This also means that once the collection is sold out, it will be incredibly difficult to obtain any of these Monsters, making them even more valuable and sought after.

In terms of the art style, Monstrous Menagerie has a distinctive and whimsical feel. Each Monster is colorful, vibrant, and full of personality.

Tags: #art

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