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March 30, 2023 – April 06, 2023





‘Time & Colour: A Collaboration Between Deborah Pours and The Enoch Clock’ proudly present the collaboration’s first digital collectible launch, featuring the breath-taking "No.3 Monochrome Passage". In this unique 3,024-piece NFT collection, Deborah Pours' stunning artwork is brought to life in a way that transcends the boundaries of traditional art, exploring the timeless theme of migration through the lens of modern technology.

What's The Enoch Clock?

The Enoch Clock® is the original, patent-pending, innovative, and sustainable timepiece that uses ancient knowledge from the Dead Sea Scrolls to provide a new way of measuring time. The Dead Sea Scrolls feature a 364-day calendar year, divided into four seasons, each with 91 days. The Enoch Clock, a companion sunset clock to that ancient calendar uses a patent-pending dial that allows users to track varying parts of daylight and darkness throughout the year, providing an alternative, natural way of measuring time.

What's Time & Colour?

The Enoch Clock has teamed up with emerging contemporary abstract artist Deborah Pours to create the Time & Colour art collaboration, which explores the intersection between contemporary abstract art and the use of horological design to modernise something ancient for new audiences.  It does this by fusing Deborah Pours' vibrant, textured paintings with the intrigue and craftsmanship of The Enoch Clock. 

Time & Colour will launch its complete physical collection, currently in development, in an exhibit at The Holy Art Fair at Oxo Tower in London on 31 March-2 April 2023.  The exhibition is made up of a collection of 16 unique Enoch Clocks, designed by Deborah Pours, each representing a long-term global trend affecting humanity; and each with its own story co-created with ChatGPT. 

The Time & Colour Collaboration offers art, ancient history and civilisations lovers, fans of the Dead Sea scroll scrolls and Book of Enoch - as well as lovers of the unique/extraordinary - the opportunity to buy their favourite clock, or two!

Back To The Time & Colour NFT Collection...

To coincide with the Time & Colour exhibition, we are pleased to announce the Time & Colour NFT Project, which will launch its first Collection of digital art assets based on one of the 16 clocks; and feature the ‘Enoch’ character moving with the times (or not).

The Time & Colour NFT launch will give fans of the Collaboration concept and vision (and of The Enoch Clock) a chance to own a piece of combined NFT and ancient history(!); and start collecting until they own a unique piece of digital art for all 16 designed clocks.

The first launch will be a First Edition collection of ‘Monochrome Passage’, No. 3 in the Time & Colour collection.

About Monochrome Passage

This monochromatic piece uses the simplicity of black and white paint (rather than a ‘pour’) as dramatic irony to point to the actual complexities and contradictions of global migration and the many reasons why people leave their homes and seek a new life elsewhere. 

Monochrome Passage (of time and journeys) embodies the myriad of push-pull factors that drive migration around the globe, from better economic prospects to conflict and persecution; while the ancient Enoch Clock face reminds us that this phenomenon is as old as human civilization itself. 

The use of black and white colours also invites viewers to ponder the duality of migration: the joys and opportunities it can bring, as well as the challenges and hardships that it can present.

Each NFT in the Monochrome Passage collection is a one-of-a-kind digital masterpiece, capturing the intricate details of the original physical piece in stunning high resolution.  Shot on a Hasselblad H3DII-39MS camera, using a HC80 lens by Ben Fitzpatrick, every detail of the physical piece is visible. A 1/1 shot of the clock is also up for grabs.

This collection goes beyond just digital images of the art - collectors will find rare traits, including backgrounded line drawings that symbolize the global trend affecting the human experience ‘patterns and impacts of migration’, and 25 sub-traits for the animated ‘Enoch’ character.

Combined with the exclusivity of The Enoch Clock® as intellectual property and a unique and innovative time-keeping device; the stories and artificial intelligence accents behind the Time & Colour exhibiting project; and the fantastic design of each digital asset in the Time & Colour NFT Project - this collection is truly multi-layered with rarity and an investment opportunity that can't be overlooked. Don't miss your chance to own a piece of art history and contribute to the growing movement of digital art. 

Our Philosophy

We believe that time is not only a functional aspect of our lives but also a visual one and a catalyst for creative, profound reflection.  We will showcase the mystery of ancient time in the Dead Sea Scrolls, the concept of time itself and how it can be artfully captured in unique ways.  Our approach to timekeeping, rooted in the 364-day year from the Book of Enoch, hopefully conveys our obsession with the prospect of using ancient time tools, today.  We're always looking for ways to blend that with the modern.  What's more modern than Web3?

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