Metaverse Players

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May 12, 2022 – May 19, 2022



Public Mint: Thursday, May 12th at 2pm ET

Supply: 6500

Cost: .05 Eth

Metaverse Players by Butcher Billy imagines all the things a Player can be — gamers, athletes, musicians, actors, executives, icons, soldiers, romantics, machines, and more. Inspired by the imagery and lore from Royal Society’s genesis works and co-launched in partnership with House of First — the third collection continuing House of First’s mission of welcoming prolific artists into the NFT space. The MVP collection is filled with stories of mystery, espionage, conflict, and power. With notable nods to pop culture and comics, Butcher Billy’s collection brings beloved elements of music, cinema, art, literature, and games to life in the Metaverse and beyond with more than 300 hand drawn generated traits across backgrounds, accessories, character bodies and more.

In addition to serving as an epic profile picture (PFP) to enjoy in the metaverse, all MVPs come with full IP & commercial rights and unlock a host of premium benefits, rewards, and utility. Find the Player that represents you, and conquer the unchartered waters of web3 with the brilliant skills, wit and camaraderie it takes to succeed. Through social games, dynamic quests, and ongoing competitions we aim to deliver the highest levels of engagement, entertainment, and experiences for our community.

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