Metaplaces Digital Artifacts Ordinals

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March 06, 2023 – March 13, 2023





Mint your own AI generated masterpiece using our layers and prompts and inscribe it forever on the blockchain.

You can later bridge your NFT to a Bitcoin Ordinal by specifying your BTC address.

Join an interactive and cutting edge AI experience that will allow you to mint your Bitcoin Ordinals in all simplicity. 

The affordable mint price of 0.045 Eth includes up to 100 generated image attempts.

Owners and whitelisted users can still generate AI images without having to mint. 

The NFTs from this collection will be digital collectibles, also known as Digital Artifacts on the Bitcoin blockchain. 

The choice of keeping them on Ethereum or bridging to Bitcoin will be yours.

Will you use the perfect prompt and mint the best Metaplaces Artifact?

We can’t wait to see what beautiful art you’re going to mint!

  • Mint date: Sun 5th, March 2023 at 4PM UTC.
  • Mint price: 0.045eth
  • Discord:
  • Guide:

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