MetaMundo Launches Zen Art Garden 3D NFT in Collaboration with Celebrated Artist Dutchtide

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July 26, 2022 – August 02, 2022



Dutchtide is a Netherlands-based artist who has been active in the NFT space since 2017.

His numerous collections–including his coveted ‘Midnight Breeze’ series–have become instant classics among NFT collectors. The ‘Midnight Breeze’ series consists of 7,000 generative 2D NFTs that collide the aesthetics and atmospheres of Japanese metropolises with horizontality, like that found in the architecture and landscape of the Netherlands. All his work to date, tends to elicit feelings of familiarity, with loneliness; 1980s neon meets cyberpunk meets vaporwave music, to form visuals built on the principles of nineteenth-century Japanese art. 

The Zen Art Garden is equally a space for displaying art, as it is a Zen-inducing atmosphere. It is composed of a one-story building, rounded at one end: the ground floor of the building is a sloping landscape onto which the gallery has been built. A cantilevered staircase on one side enables access to the main level, which, except for the garden itself, is encased in glass.

At the top of the staircase, a small pathway surrounded by grass leads to the glass entryway. The interior of the gallery space contains frames for the owner’s NFTs. Two benches are present in the gallery, conducive to conversations with friends, while a koi pond completes the interior. Past the koi pond is the outdoor Zen rock garden, where there is a large pine tree.

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