META-MORPHOSES by Miss Al Simpson

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June 21, 2021 – June 22, 2021






Anna Louise Simpson aka Miss Al Simpson comes to Nifty Gateway with a debut NFT Collection. on June 21st, she drops ‘META-MORPHOSES’.

Miss AL Simpson is a crypto artist and writer who is passionate about black ink and collage. Her artistic style is influenced by vintage movies and drawing from fashion magazines and books. At present, she uses those early faded glamorous influences in her crypto art practice.

The ‘META-MORPHOSES’ NFT Collection is “an exploration of the glitching transformation of centralized fiat to decentralized crypto currency”.

The upcoming drop on Nifty Gateway features 6 NFT pieces. Three of them drop as Open Editions priced at $500.00, and other three pieces are limited editions of 5, priced at $2,000.00.

Add the drop to your calendars not to miss Miss Al Simpson’s first-ever NFT drop!

Tags: #art

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