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December 17, 2021 – December 24, 2021





@everyone  Hey guys! We hope you’re doing great! We also hope that you’re ready to move this project to another level in NFT world.
We’re not wasting a minute from every one of the days so we can bring you the best results, the best marketing, the best growth… 

We wanted to let you know what we’re working on now: 

1) We’ve got 90% ready for everything about our first tournament so everything will go smoothly and without any problems. We’ve got some new people from the e-sport industry in our team and they’re helping us to organize such a tournament. 

2)We’re still working on the betting system so we can launch the whole eco-system shortly before the launch. This is a really unique thing in the whole NFT world and I believe you’re going to be proud that you were here so early! 

3)We’ve got some more suprise for you regarding the artwork. Because there will be 2 more races in our storyline and in our artwork. This is going to be really cool! The whole collection is ready for like 50% so we’re really glad that launch is behind the corner!

Talking about marketing,  this is where we’re now spending the most of our time and focus, it’s not easy to communicate with such a big names.  Although we already have some videos out and this is one of them:

We’ve got on the line really big names from the celebrity world with millions of followers. And we’ve got more than 150 000$ just for this marketing so we will gain a little momentum. In a while, we will reveal to you these names…

So this is short report from us, so you guys can see and know that we’re working our asses off. 

Thank you for being a part of the project and let’s share the idea and vision of (M)E-Legend with the world!!

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