Mason Rothschild Drops 100 ‘MetaBirkins’ NFTs

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December 13, 2021 – December 20, 2021






The digital artist with a big surname Mason Rothschild has recently dropped “MetaBirkins” NFTs to support fur-free initiatives in the fashion industry. The creator could have democratized the famous luxury Hermes Birkin bags by creating their 'affordable' crypto copies, but he didn't so that NFTs turned out to be no less cheap than IRL prototypes. 

It's already the second "Birkin" drop by the famous designer. One of Rothschild's "Metabirkns' created in a collaboration with artist Eric Ramirez resulted in a one-of-one Birkin Bag NFT that was sold on Basic.Space for record $47.000. Mason Rothschild shed an example of how the metaverse will include digital fashion, exempting material waste in a considerable alternative textile - fur pixels in the case of the “MetaBirkins.”

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