Layers by Andreas Wannerstedt

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March 09, 2021 – March 09, 2021





Layers are the latest series of 7 artworks as NFTs that are going to be put on sale on the 8th of March on Nifty Gateway. These are the pieces of art by Andreas Wannerstedt – a Stockholm-based digital artist and art director. He is a master of crafting unique 3D sculptures and mesmerizing looping animations. His artworks often evoke a strangely hypnotizing feeling. It seems you can spend hours staring at perpetual motion with an abstract touch.

“It’s a surrealistic blend between digital sculptures and oddly satisfying animations, with the repetitive motion as the heart and soul. The layered artworks symbolize the nature of human personalities; on the outside smooth, whole and simple but inside layer upon layer, complex and deep” – writes Andreas about the “Layers” series.

Set up your alarms for the 8th of March if you’re interested in collecting a piece by Andreas Wannerstedt.

Tags: #art

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