Krypti Genesis NFT Mint

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November 21, 2022 – November 28, 2022





What is KRYPTI?

KRYPTI is the first Web3 game in its purest form; an ultra-realistic, fully decentralized, first-person shooter and the cornerstone of tomorrow's metaverse gaming ecosystem.

As the first use case on the QNTYM Railway, and TSSYRQ Network, KRYPTI will showcase the incredible capabilities of the underlying technology.

Our vision is to enable anybody to create an incredible gaming experience by providing the technology and resources necessary for the future of gaming within the Kryptiverse. KRYPTI is a critical component of the much greater whole: Kryptiverse.

What is the Kryptiverse?

By joining the KRYPTI community, players will be among the first to experience the Kryptiverses' revolutionary capabilities while setting the foundation for the future of gaming.

The underlying technology caters to all knowledge & skill levels.
- Anybody can participate in the building of the first interactive, hyper-realistic metaverse.
- Developers can let their imaginations run wild in the Kryptiverse. See what this tech stack has to offer!

Skills aside, if you can dream it, you can build it.

Genesis Collection

The Genesis KRYPTI NFT collection will consist of 1,777 AiRMs (Artificially Intelligent Rooting Mechanisms) offered exclusively via invite-only mint. This prestigious collection will be reserved for those most dedicated to rebuilding humanity. AiRM NFT holders receive exclusive benefits in-game (KRYPTI) as well as throughout the entire Kryptiverse Gaming Ecosystem and QDEx.

Genesis Squadron Mint Schedule

Squadron 1: 111 - First mint for 111 NFTs (10/31/2022) 
Squadron 1: 333 - Second mint for 333 NFTs 
Squadron 1: 556 - Third mint for 556 NFTs 
Squadron 1: 777 - Fourth mint for 777 total NFTs

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