Kotaro Sharks Gen2

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July 31, 2022 – August 07, 2022



KSHarks poker will allow top Solana projects to use their own tokens as a payment under the special terms. The individually branded poker table for top DAOs will be implemented as an exclusive option.

For our Kotaro Shark holders of both gen 1 and gen 2 will be granted special access to VIP poker tournaments. Kotaro Sharks team is working on adding a BSC.  After the poker game launch, 50% of the rake income will go to the liquidity pool to support the price of KTRC.

Being a part of KS:

Gives you the opportunity to be a part of the strong and friendly KSharks DAO.

Holding and earning tokens on staking.

Raking part in cool raffles with their own KTRC token.

Holders have the opportunity to get an upcoming gen II Kotaro Shark for free just by staking two gen 1 KSharks.

Immediate staking for both generations after the mint LP for KTRC.

Access to the NFT poker room, the demo version is coming soon.


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