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September 30, 2021 – October 02, 2021





Kobits is the art of retelling the story of the “kobo coin”, a minor unit of the Nigerian currency, now pretty much extinct, through colorful stud arts.

The kobo coin which was introduced in 1973 by the then military Head of State of Nigeria, General Yakubu Gowon, as a minor unit of exchange alongside the Naira notes has now pretty much gone out of circulation; however, for the generation of boomers to the millennials in Nigerians and West Africa, the kobo holds a lot of cherished memories and sentiments.

For some it is a reminder of humble beginnings; some a reminder of quality time spent with loved ones who are no longer here; for others, a reminder of a then young nation with promises. Like is commonly said, a reminder of the “good old days.”

Kobits not only reintroduces the Kobo coin to all generations all across the world capturing years of priceless sentiments, struggles and culture; it is a reflection and link to a nation’s social-economic and political history.

The kobo coins introduced in 1973 were the ½, 1, 5, 10, 25 kobo coins; with ½ and 1 kobo in bronze and the 5, 10,25 kobo coins in cupro-nickel. In 1991 the 50 kobo nickel-plated steel coin was introduced.

The Kobits is the reintroduction of the Kobo coin as limited NFTs, and minted for the elite collector. Only one copy of each of the 60 existing Kobits will ever be minted. So it is 100% rarity for owners.

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