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November 05, 2021 – November 12, 2021





Kn0wbots are a collection of 10k unique PFP avatars created to raise funding for Continuum, our decentralized education network for global self-learners. We help freelance creatives world wide generate income and thrive together as independents.

Our mission is to help freelance creatives anywhere learn the skills, tools and best practices they need to have a thriving, sustainable career as an independent. We believe education is key to accessing the economic opportunities that will raise the quality of life for communities globally.

The Continuum platform uses social tokens and NFTs as a reward system in our iOS and Android apps. We created Kn0wbots as the foundation for all of our future NFTs.

Each NFT holder receives utility and governance in the Continuum network. In plain terms that means you get:

- The option to propose and vote on changes to the Continuum network and platform through an upcoming DAO release.
- Access to NFT-holder-specific areas of our community.
- Free membership for the Continuum learning app through the end of 2022.
- Recognition as a founding member of Continuum forever (non-transferrable).

With the forthcoming advent of Web3, people almost anywhere in the world have an opportunity for ownership that was not available before. Wherein Web 2.0 offered opportunities to exchange time for money, Web3 facilitates ownership through fungible and non-fungible assets represented by coins, NFTs and other tokens.

Whatever your opinions are on crypto, no one can deny the sector is absolutely exploding. NFT platform Opensea did $3.08 BILLION in monthly sales recently and VC giants like a16z are pouring millions into crypto start-ups every day. 

With all this money floating around, there’s an endless amount of opportunities for creatives to find work in visual, product, community, and marketing. And Continuum is focused on giving freelance creatives the hard and soft skills necessary to seize these opportunities. 

NFTs are a core feature of our platform for the next decade, and Kn0wbots are the foundation.

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