Inner Worlds

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June 11, 2024 – June 18, 2024


Magic Eden



Inner Worlds is a Solana collection of 444 AI artworks representing distant realms deeply woven into our subconscious.

It is born from brainwave types related to different states of mind, ranging from alertness and concentration to visualization, creativity, trance, and dreaming. Just as in real life, each brainwave was combined with a source of inspiration and a different level of noise, forming specific shapes we are able to comprehend.

Through this process, unique manifestations were discovered and expressed in vibrant pieces, taking you on an endless journey where each individual can uncover their personal story.

What will your inner world reveal? Will it be a forgotten plain, extraterrestrial cloud, otherworldly device, multidimensional portal, or something else? You have the power to decode it and take the first steps into the artistic adventure that awaits you.

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