Infinite Halo

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November 03, 2021 – November 04, 2021


Cardano is a collection of 10,000 unique generative NFT artworks on the Cardano Blockchain, created by studio anf.

About the artist

Our artist anf has been working with generative systems since 2005 and has exhibited around the world in museums, art centers and galleries, most notably at NYC media center, SECCA (South-Eastern Center for Contemporary Art), DAM Digital Art Museum Berlin and Rua Red Art Center Dublin.

His work has been published in several books, including Generative Design I and II, Digital Art, FRAME Magazine, Data Flow I and II.

About the artwork

The Infinite Halos are created using custom generative algorithms which are constantly making minute adjustments of their parameters. This leads to an unpredictable result each time the algorithms are being run, making each drawing unique.

The Halos consist of multiple components - A core, a shimmer and sparks. Each of the components are constantly shifting in color, position and size which results in a complex layered blending of textures.


Tags: #art

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