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May 28, 2022 – June 04, 2022





Infinite Dodo's are coming to disrupt the NFT space. Along with our NFT set, we are releasing utility that will completely set us apart from everyone else.

We are creating an Ecosystem:

- An UNHACKABLE Wallet Across 5 Networks

- Gaming and Metaverse Integration

- Something extremely secret that works hand & hand with the wallet (F*ck it, Be Ready)

More info on the UNHACKABLE WALLET

Introducing  Fueki , brought to you by Infinite Labs.

Fueki is a mobile wallet application that revolutionizes the traditional approach to securing and transacting crypto assets.

The wallet excels at effectively switching between offline and online, limiting the amount of time the wallet is exposed to connection, making it in essence hack-resistant. We are also focusing on moving away from complex hash addresses, instead using unique usernames to reduce user error when transacting with the blockchain.

We are currently having some of the best teams on the planet stress-test and pick-apart our wallet to prove that this truly is the most secure way to store your crypto assets.

- Hack-Proof Transactional Properties
- Advanced NFT Functionality
- No More Scams from User Error

To prove that the wallet is Unhackable, We are doing a 30 day, $1,000,000 prize to ANY hacker that can hack the wallet.

The wallet will hold $1,000,000 for 30 days. You hack it, you deposit the money and keep it. You don't hack it... Well, you're a terrible hacker 🦀

About the Team: (See website for more

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