I'm Not As Think As You Stoned I Am by Killer Acid

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March 11, 2021 – March 10, 2021






“I'm Not As Think As You Stoned I Am” is a series of artworks by Killer Acid that is being released on the 10th of March. This is the debut collection of the artist on the Nifty Gateway marketplace. Killer Acid is the creation of Rob Corradetti. Basically, it is a clothing brand that was launched in 2010. It specializes in T-shirts, screenprints, and other mysterious, humorous, and highly-detailed psychedelic ephemera.

It is high time a great artist made his way into the NFT space. His artworks are unique, intricate, bright, and eye-catching. It’s difficult to be indifferent to Corradetti’s creations. They have the power to draw any viewer in. Add the event to your calendar!

Tags: #art

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