Hungry Hamster Club Launch - It’s a free mint

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December 07, 2022 – December 14, 2022



The Hungry Hamster is a representation of greed we see in everyday artists and its ecosystem. Each of them has a story to be told and holds on to a half-eaten ‘munchie’, giving a hint of the little desires they so wish for.

Releasing as both a digital and physical collectible, Hungry Hamster Club (HHC) hopes to have their works available at major marketplaces and retail stores.

In time, HHC hopes to collaborate with more artists to hold amazing exhibitions, as well as help younger creators with funding and incubation.

The Hungry Hamster Club is a free mint project and can only be minted by those who have whitelist spots. Our discord will also be private for current server members until December.


HHC wants to create a close-knit community of artists, art & toy lovers. Using NFTs as a medium, they would be able to identify and reward founding members with things like artist collaborative drops. At least 50% of the proceeds will go toward their community building.

NFT Utilities:

  • Access to HHC Community Gatherings

  • Entry to Community Contests

  • Freebies from Community Partners

  • Invites to Partnering Events

  • Free HHC NFT Drops

  • All Access to Hungry Hamster Exhibitions

  • Entry to HHC Art & Toy Competitions

  • Entry to Collaborate with HHC

  • Hungry Hamster Art Toy

  • Other Merchandize Discounts

  • Partnering Merchant Discounts

  • Art Toy Collection Early Access

Coming soon:

  • Beta Testing for Future Tech/Products

  • Whitelisting for HHC NFT Collection 2

  • Metaverse Spaces


After building their brand for over a year, Hungry Hamster is launching their first physical collection of Art Toys that they plan to make available worldwide. Pre-orders for the first 4 Hungry Hamster toy models are now being taken. 

More info about the toys:

Hungry Hamster toys have a modular design, allowing for different but compatible parts. As such, parts can be mixed and matched throughout the collections to form unique characters.

The toys can also be accessorized with interchangeable “munchie” accessories. This will be expanded on further in the future with additional accessory and part packs.

Hungry Hamster also collaborates with different artists and IPs with skinning and custom parts. In time, the community will be able to customize their own skin or parts too, allowing for there to be almost limitless variations of the toys.

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