Hemptopia P2E Game

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February 15, 2023 – February 22, 2023





Hemptopia is a play-for-free (PFF) hemp farming P2E game that uses the power of video games to save our planet! Our game seeks to educate the population on the power of hemp, and then uses NFT revenues to fund the 100% Community owned DAO!

Hemptopia has a strong positive social impact. 5% of all our $Hemp DAO Tokens will go to real life farmers who want to get into farming via a scholarship.

The DAO can use those funds to help new hemp farmers get started, build real life hemp communities and hempcrete homes, as well as build the biggest digital hemp community in the world!

Our NFTs can be used in the game to avoid paying rent on large amounts of land, you can also use the water rights NFTs to avoid buying water, and you can use the characters to receive daily login bonus that fluctated based on the rarity of the character. 

The Goal of the game is to earn in-game gold then level up and purchase buildings and build your Hemptopia City. You can purchase buidlings like hemp plastic manufactuing buildings and others so you can earn more gold with using your hemp harvest to build hemp products in the game.

Each new level in the game will earn you Hemp DAO Tokens which can be swapped for USD. You can also earn more tokens by being on our leaderboards.

These Limited Edition Hemptopia NFTs are very rare. We are only offering these to build our initial community. 

Our Selection will include: 210-420 (TBD) supply of Black Female Hemp Alien 210-420 (TBD) Supply of Black Shiva Gods 210 Supply of Purple Land NFTs 210-420 (TBD) Supply of Purple Water Rights NFTs 420 Supply of OG Hemptopian NFTs

Our NFTs can be used in the game so you can play as that character, or use the land to farm hemp on and avoid paying rent like free to play players. They NFTs used in game also come with multiple in game daily bonus like free gold and seeds when you login each day to play. Our beta game will launch 6/15/23. 

Our real life Utility for the collection is 25% off our CBD store on our website.

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