Guilty Tie Men

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August 30, 2022 – September 06, 2022


Magic Eden



Guilty Tie Men is a utility based NFT project aiming to connect as much Web3 environments as possible starting with the Visuals and Music.

Our first goal is to start an actual physically located Lab to develop a user-friendly platform for our holders and to provide them a wider Web3 experience among the pre-selected communities in and around the space.

Our mint will predefine the process for the upcoming 5+ months and so we'll be open for actual collaborations with communities that have something to bring up into the process.

We're also aiming to develop our own mobile App (with a possible integration of in-app marketplace) enlarging the experience even outside of the visual NFTs.

The upcoming phases of the project (and so of the Labs) are going to be announced in our whitepaper as if the option of any toEarn process begin to form internally.

We'll be sticking with our holders providing them possibly any internal information to preserve transparency and so the holders will be in touch voting with us about the next stages of the process.

(We decided in advance to let them have the option to either share or not to share the internals with the public.)

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