Grumbies Eternal Entry

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March 23, 2023 – March 30, 2023







The web3-focused digital studio Metaseeds Labs, which has piloted the growth of several popular NFT projects including AlienFrens, Letters, and L3MON, continues to deepen its involvement in the realm as it prepares to roll out its latest project, Grumbies. All admirers of absorbing games and generous rewards would be glad to join the Grumbies universe by minting the Eternal Entry Pass.

Grumbies Eternal Entry is the first NFT collection to be released by the project, and it opens the door for holders to access the Grumbies Genesis Battle, future games, and discounts in the ecosystem. There will be 5,555 Eternal Entry tokens sold at 0.04 ETH exclusively on OpenSea on March 23rd. Each Ethereum wallet is allowed to mint a maximum of three NFTs as part of an effort to curb whale action. 

The hallmark of this collection is that all minters of the Eternal Entry Pass will be automatically provided with the Genesis Battle NFT. It will give access to the Grumbies Genesis Battle – Grumbies’ dedicated gaming experience that enables players to compete for ETH. To get the Genesis Battle NFT, all minters should hold the Eternal Entry Pass for the snapshot, coming shortly after mint.

Besides absorbing gameplay and winning rewards, holders can upgrade their Grumbies’ traits, namely headgear and outfits. These upgrades greatly increase the chances of winning the Genesis Battle. 

After a gaming adventure in the Genesis Battle, the Grumbies project will unlock access to a second game dubbed Glizzy King, where users battle one another for rewards called glizzies.

Mark your calendar for March 23rd not to miss out on the upcoming gaming experience and future endeavours by Grumbies!

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