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November 27, 2022 – December 04, 2022


Magic Eden



Giddies is an NFT collection of 1111 NFTs aimed at innovation and design while ensuring the safety of

users. By joining the NFT collection Giddies, you are participating in our project of a new platform in

the cryptocurrency world. You can buy services from artists, developers... or sell your services in

Solana on the Giddies platform.

This new platform in the cryptocurrency world will be the opening of a freelancing platform

specialized in cryptocurrency. Be it for services and for payments.

Do you need a graphic designer for the design of your NFTs? Find a freelance artist on Giddies, so you

can pay in cryptocurrency safely thanks to a transaction protection system.

Need a developer to create a smart contract? You can also find an independent developer on


This will meet the demand of people who are adept at design, innovation, creation and security.

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