Gianluigi Buffon - ICON by SportsIcon

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July 30, 2021 – July 31, 2021





On July 30th, SportsIcon that connects fans with the greatest sportspeople of all time through NFTs drops the ‘Gianluigi Buffon - ICON’ NFT Collection on

The "Gianluigi Buffon" NFT collection commemorates the incredible career of the renowned football player. Gianluigi has played over 1,000 professional games, 11 domestic titles in Italy and France (Juventus FC and PSG), a World Cup win with Italy in 2006, and many more! Gianluigi has picked up the most pivotal moments of his career journey to commemorate them as NFTs.

The proceeds from one of the auction pieces will be donated to a charity close to Gigi’s heart; Insuperabili. This is an amazing organization empowering young people in Italy.

Mark your calendars for July 30th not to miss the drop!

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