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February 22, 2023 – March 01, 2023



Immerse yourself into our upcoming NFT Mint of meta land and items that will forge your destiny in Gaelia, a land of fantasy that has plunged into chaos!

Gaelia is a new MMOCARPG based on blockchain technology, and powered by ERC-1155 tokenized assets that represent a portion of each player's progress in an open world where you can enjoy pve and pvp activities, get ready for a world of fantasy, adventure and blockchain dominance.

Our minting process will consist of three separate mints, one concerning the item mint for Gaelia, that grants in-game items for utilisation and acts as an access pass to member-only perks, as well as the Land sale, ownership of the land allowing for monetisation of that land with our in-game currency and more, and the mount-and-pet mint!

Will your Quest end in success against the corrupt forces that plague Gaelia alongside your trusty mount or pet? Shall you adopt a hunter-gatherer lifestyle to profit off of, even breeding your mounts/pets to make stronger and more legendary generations? Or perhaps become a landlord and rent out your land to other players that will require the positive buff in their journey? Whichever way you choose to go with, Gaelia has multitude of ways to really allow you to Earn in a P2E Experience! The team itself comes from a variety of backgrounds, and most importantly consists of highly skilled developers that are fully focused on creating the best possible MMOCARPG that the space had seen.

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