Freaks N Guilds Celestial Key

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January 01, 2021 – January 06, 2022



Freaks N’ Guilds’ mission is to “Create a sustainable and fair player owned economy with a concentration in collaborative and strategic gameplay where players can earn, collect, participate in governance, be a part of a community, and have fun.

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Freaks N’ Guilds was formed in Q3 2022 by the Co-Founders Cody Clayton and Alex Miller. They quickly selected their core executive team that has been instrumental in the establishment and development of the Company. From there, the team developed a strategy to deploy the Freaks N’ Guilds name, as well as build & incentivize the community in an organic manner – the launch of the Celestial Key. This will be followed by the launch of their OnChain PvP NFT Game. These NFTs will be collectable in nature and provide excellent insights into the hard work that the team is doing day-in & day-out.

To attain Freaks N’ Guilds’ mission, we will provide a transparent and entertaining experience for the player and the utility of their NFT's. The following key characteristics will help ensure that Freaks ‘N Guild reaches its goal throughout development and launch of the project:

PvP OnChain Game

Strong collaborative gameplay

Robust and diverse community with associated platforms (guild/player social platform)

Collectible and Useful in-game resources

Incremental gaming and player levels

Fairness through code, matchmaking and community governance

“Celestial Key”


The Key to the Freaks N Guilds Universe

Priority and Discounted Access for all future game related drops

Streamed NFT Giveaways for Holders Only

Whitelist access to future partnering organizations

Mint Date: January 5th

Mint Time:

8:00PM UTC

3:00PM EST

Mint Quantity:

4,444 Celestial Keys


- Instead of Whitelisting, we will be giving out free mints to winners of our contests. Stay up to date with our twitter and discord so you do not miss the quests and contests.

- 444 Allocated to Free Mint Giveaways and Partnering Organizations

- Public: 0.066

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