Founding Membership Pass

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January 25, 2023 – February 01, 2023





Key Utilities for Founding Membership NFT Holders

1. FREE MINT of Genesis Membership NFT launching in the first half of 2023.

2. FREE MINT of CHAIN SOJU NFT for the redemption of 1  bottle of new 'CHAIN SOJU Original' OR our New Product inspired by our community and NFT projects. Redemption process will be revealed.

3. Community Treasury set-up for IRL events, virtual tasting events, education, and surprise utilities.

4. Feature your PFP Competition -Ticket to participate in the JPEG Bottleground competition. It is a competition only held for our community members(holders) to give everyone a chance to feature their favorite PFP NFT on ChainSpirit products. It's done through decentralized voting of members and winners co-launch for profit-sharing.

5. Pre-Access to Future Liquor NFT Collections available for Redemption

6. Members- Only Discounts and Products - All holders will have access to all future and private collections and exclusive discounts on all our products.

1 Founding Membership NFT: 30% Discount on all Future Products/Order
3+ Founding Membership NFT: 40% Discount on all Future Products/Order
5+ Founding Membership NFT: 50% Discount on all Future Products/Order 

7. Special Role Distribution for Founding Membership NFT Holders. (Revealed later)

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