Flunny Malamutes

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November 12, 2021 – November 18, 2021





Mint Price 0.6 SOL

Flunny Malamutes is a community project.

We want the owners to choose what to do once the mint is done.

Maybe create a minigame? Want to sell merchandise? Holders will vote.

Every time we reach a roadmap milestone, we will add balance to the community wallet.

We will create new collections related to the project exclusively to the holders for free.

Each of the Flunny Malamutes will be able to get a free puppy one week after reaching 100% mint


    Website go live
    Discord go live
    Instagram go live
    Twitter go live
    Mint go live
25% Minted
    Airdrop 5 SOL to 10 Holders
    Add 50 SOL to Community Wallet
50% Minted
    Airdrop 5 SOL to 20 Holders
    Add 100 SOL to Community Wallet
75% Minted
    Airdrop 5 SOL to 30 Holders
    Add 150 SOL to Community Wallet
100% Minted
    Airdrop 5 SOL to 60 Holders
    Add 300 SOL to Community Wallet
Post Mint
    Add collection to SolSea
    Airdrop puppies 1 week later
    Holders can vote to determine the next steps of the project

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