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June 02, 2022 – June 09, 2022





We are absolutely fanatical about collecting whisky: having built a large collection over the years, we love everything about it - from the exceptional taste to the artistry of the labels and varieties of the bottles. 

We are fascinated by the beauty of NFT's and the digitalisation of collections: we believe in the future of art, storage of wealth and unique ownership though the NFT’s utility. 

Our mission is to bridge the gap of traditional investment and collecting whisky to the future of collecting in the form of NFT's. 

Given the beauty of the bottles we believe that each NFT celebrates the uniqueness in its simplicity and is a nonreplicable asset in itself. We are pairing the owner of the NFT with the underlying bottle (if the collector so desires) and giving "back of bottle" NFT absolutely free. 

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