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December 01, 2022 – December 08, 2022





Some months ago we started with our mission to make gold and silver mining more green and sustainable. But without any help from a strong community, this is a very difficult task as it takes a lot to set up a legal mining company in Peru and start operating.

The cool thing is that we already know how it works and we have the right partner network to do it. Nevertheless, we are always looking for external supporters who have the same mindset as we do and who support our vision and mission.

That's why we came up with an idea to (crowd-)fund our future mining operations by creating an NFT collection which gives us as well as the holders many benefits.

The benefits for our holders:

- discounts on buying our products, including gemstones, juwelry and other items that we produce

- passive holder rewards coming from our gold mining revenues

- whitelist spots for further NFT collections with real use cases

- another bonus that you can find out when you read our whitepaper

Our benefits:

- with the help of our collection buyers, we can set up our gold -and silver- mining missions

- also we are able to scale up our mining activities, depending on the funds that we collect with our NFT crowdfunding

- as we are also a crystal company and have rain forests, we can set up more and more long-term projects for collection holders to provide them interesting long-term benefits

There's so much more to say, but if you want, you can visit our website at and check out our intro video which already explains a lot more about our mission.

Please let us know how you like our idea and join us on Discord. You will find the link on our website.

Thanks a lot for having us here, we really enjoy the crypto people out there. Many greetings go out to all the NFT degens, long-term hodlers and cryptopunks out there.

Take care, we'd love to talk to you, soon.

Kind regards,

Your Gemrock Gold NFT Team

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