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May 25, 2023 – May 26, 2023







Childhood dreams and fantasies often become a springboard for successful projects, brands, and other initiatives. A good example of this is The Wiseman siblings and their idea of creating Figuregot, which was born in the childhood bedroom. 

Figuregot is a collection of richly crafted 3D art collectibles created by 21-year-old digital artist Jessica Wiseman and her brother, Callum. The series is inspired by the intrinsic design of the Pokemon cartoon character.

Jessica and Callum started coming up with designs for the collectibles over a decade ago. At that time, they were playing with their collection of cards so often that they decided to create their own characters and named them Figagots. Current Figuregot designs are based on those from childhood, but they were refined and presented from a bit of another perspective. Revising those original designs, a team of NFT enthusiasts converted the sketches into a series of 7,777 non-fungible 3D Figuregots.

Each piece portrays a futuristic, crafty, and loveable character suited up with different outfits, presented in different poses and backgrounds. The Figuregot collection comes in four rarity tiers with the first tier, dubbed Babygot, featuring a small and unique character sitting down. The highest tier, dubbed the Got, is the fiercest and most fully evolved version of the Figuregot family. Each Figuregot will be sold for 0.077 ETH on May 25th.

Despite being released in 2021, the creators behind Figuregots have held back from unveiling an NFT collection, citing the need to first grow a reputable brand before exploring the non-fungible realm through its 3D action figures. The time has come! Mark your calendar as you anticipate the unveiling of the immersive futuristic 3D experience!

In Gots We Trust!

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