Eyes Of Faith

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January 19, 2023 – January 26, 2023





Eyes Of Faith Collection consists of completely different 3D Animation portrait works.

Eyes alone are not enough to see the truth. Seen in dreams and visions, but not with the eyes There's more than you see, but where you watch it matters.

Yunus Kullebi is an artist who blends many artistic approaches with 3D Animation, Illustration and Musical to bring the secrets of the beyond-imagination universe, parallel universes, and future to our Earth. He was born on 05/12/1989 in Istanbul Turkey. He worked as a cartoon illustrator at early teen. At the university, he studied and worked very hard on 3D Design and Modeling and started making animation. By bring together NFT with Illustration, 3D, AI and his expertise on cinematography and sound, Yunus is after an aesthetic approach reflecting all of his artistic experiences as a whole on his artistic oeuvre.

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