Expansion ThugBirdz

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March 01, 2022 – April 08, 2022



Expansion ThugBirdz are a collection of 3,333 uniquely generated NFTs on the #Solana blockchain. This collection of ThugBirdz is an expansion pack of birdz who are thugs. The collection features a distinct “yellow” background. These birdz are truly unique and each has a different set of traits, making each one-of-a-kind. This flock of ThugBirdz are pecking their way up the ranks in the underworld of the Metaverse. 

*Expansion ThugBirdz are not affiliated with ThugBirdz, though they have love for their homies. 

Minting will be live at https://www.xthugbirdz.com on March 8th, 2022 at 3pm ET/8pm UTC

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