Every Body NFTs by Vogue Singapore x MetaArt Club

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May 05, 2022 – May 12, 2022






For March, all 28 editions of Vogue united to hold the Every Body campaign for Vogue Values. To honor the diversity of human bodies, the iconic Vogue Singapore is launching the Every Body NFT project. Centered around inclusivity and human identity, this collection is aimed to bring the individuality of human bodies to the metaverse, where you can be whoever and whatever you want. The ultimate collection, limited to only 10 pieces, was developed by Vogue Singapore in partnership with five renowned artists from the MetaArt Club.

The Every Body NFTs will be available for minting via OpenSea with 50 editions of each, starting from May 5th. The tokens will arrive with different price tags, ranging from 0.11 ETH to 0.26 ETH. 

Keiken, SuzyQ, Wu Ziyang, CryptoZR (Liu Jiaying), and Owo Anietie, digital artists from The MetaArt Club’s (TMAC) global collective have brought the best of their creative inspiration to produce true masterpieces, each with a powerful message. Each creator has made two unique NFTs with the Every Body theme in mind. 

Thus, Korea-originated artist SuzyQ is the author of the Moo Limbo NFT, featuring an Asian girl. That's what SuzyQ says about her artwork: "The body is somewhat of a taboo subject in Asian culture. We grow up thinking that there is one set image of a beautiful body, and we try our best to conform to that ideal. Especially in Korea, we are obsessed with the perfect womanly figure – a thin waist, big breasts, and fair skin. I chose to go against this when designing Moo Limbo. Her character design is that of a little girl – different from that of a model and a beautiful woman. It is my way of injecting diversity into the art field."

Another unprecedented artwork is the U-Mi Water Warrior by Keiken. The character stands out from others, being an NFT in motion and a pack of metaverse-compatible NFT avatars at the same time.  

Nigerian digital artist Owo Anietie, in his turn, uses symbolic images to show the diversity of “African diaspora culture of ancient, pre-colonial sculptures” in his NFTs named Freedom and Peace.

For Vogue Singapore, that includes spotlighting fashion’s role in Web 3.0 and what representation of ‘Every Body’ looks like in the metaverse through the lens of digital creatives," Norman Tan, Editor-in-Chief of Vogue Singapore commented on the drop.

Drop by the OpenSea marketplace on May 5th to own an outstanding piece of digital art backed up with a powerful message.

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