Eternal Utopia

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October 12, 2021 – October 12, 2021





The Eternal Utopia NFT is a unique collection of 10,000 randomly generated human-like characters who live on the alternative planet Earth of the Ethereum blockchain. This project was created by artists, collectors, and professionals with the goal of impregnating value to the NFT community while helping a charity that will be chosen on by the community donating 5% of the gross profits. For just being a holder of one NFT you’ll get access to more than $600,000 dollars in rewards, special events, exclusive merch and so much. Eternal Utopia is a combination of high standards, real artistic value, and the desire of giving back to this amazing community. We want for each one of our members to appreciate their piece(s) of the art virtual and physical, the team is looking forward to making a hard copy of each one of the pieces for the owner.

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