EmojiCardz – Feelz Drop (24 September)

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September 24, 2021 – September 24, 2021






The EmojiCardz Projects bring to life our new Collection Feelz, they are a colourful collection of emotions, feelings, and sentiments. EmojiCardz is the first non-fungible token on the blockchain that lets you express your emotions. These are collectibles with a purpose, and each one is infused with its own emotions to help you express your feelings in a more personalized way.

We have 10,000 unique EmojiCardz that capture a wide range of human emotions from the joyful to the angry. Our 100 different emotions are faithfully recreated in 10 different worlds represented by their unique color, with each one living in a border that captures the spirit of the world it represents. Each Border has its own meaning and is priced accordingly. Our goal is to make these cards accessible for everyone, from the serious collector to the novice buyer.

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