EliteBunnies: ElitePass

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July 16, 2022 – July 22, 2022





We are excited to announce the mint of 100 ElitePasses.

You will be eligible to win the Cool cat NFT, when you purchase an ElitePass. We will choose one lucky winner, who will wins the Cool Cat NFT.

When we are going to mint the ElitePasses?

- The mint date is at: July 15, 2022

How many ElitePasses are we going to mint?

- We are going to mint only 100 ElitePasses

How much one ElitePass costs?

- One ElitePass costs 0.5ETH

As an ElitePass owner, you will receive exclusive perks and benefits, which include:

- Five (5) free EliteBunnies NFTs, including 1 GOLD EliteBunny (mint value at least 0.75ETH)

- Access to a private Discord channel and Alpha group

- Automatic WL access to all future drops

- Exclusive access to our own Crypto wallet app, NFT marketplace that we are developing, before the public access

- You will be eligible to WIN one Cool Cat NFT

Get your chance to grab your WL access. Remember we are going to mint only 100 ElitePasses!

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