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July 01, 2022 – July 08, 2022





In a first for the diamond industry, elikia diamond, will launch its first collection of jewellery to be titled as nfts on the ethereum blockchain. The aim is to finance the modernization of the mine in the democratic republic of the congo with the pre-sale of nfts.

Elikia diamond plans a sale of 2520 mintpass to claim an nft linked to a unique piece of jewellery from a collection that will be produced by elikia. From this collection of 2520 jewels, a nft will be randomly linked to one mintpass inside a specific quality level and a category such as a ring, earrings or a pendant, chosen by the buyer at the mintpass purchase. There are 3 levels (level 1, 2, and 3) depending on the purity, the color, and size of the stones. This means that it is possible to buy an exceptional stone because the stones have random purities and sizes, although the 3 levels will avoid too big a gap.

The company proposes a new standard in the diamond industry with the systematic creation of an nft linked to all jewellery creations holding certificates of origin and quality. From the mine to the customer, for a better-informed purchasing decision.

Advantages for investors

A mintpass can give access to a jewel with more value than the starting price because it depends on the production, but in any case, the jewel will respect the price range of the 3 quality levels.

As all certificates will be attached to the nft, himself linked to the diamond via a laser-marked serial number, all diamonds have the highest transparency and traceability for an informed purchase decision. This transparency also makes the jewellery more valuable.

The improved market liquidity made possible by nfts is an interesting diversification for investors because the jewellery can be resold without having been worn if the aim is speculative, otherwise, the buyer has the jewellery delivered.

Last but not least, diamonds are a safe form of investment and allow you to increase the value of your assets over the medium to long term. As shown in the chart below, in 5 years the diamond price index has increased by 30%.

Main partners

Awdc (antwerp diamond world center)

Hdr antwerp


Be blockchain srl


Sésé bomboko - ceo:

Founder of elikia diamond bv and ambassador of the antwerp diamond world center (awdc) for the diamond sector in belgium. Managing director of la minière du congo (minico), a mining company based in dr congo specialized in diamond extraction since 2013

Gael baheha - it:

It development and digital marketing consultant since 2017. He is now a web developer for the elikia diamond project and is responsible for social networking.

Special advisor: prof. Jean-pierre t. Katshidikay:

Full-time professor and head of the mining engineering department of the faculty polytechnic of the university of mons

Marc luanghy - legal & intellectual property advisor:

Marc has broad experience in advising entrepreneurs on how to best capitalize on their intangible assets.

Harold kinet - blockchain expert

Considered as «mr blockchain» in wallonia belgium, harold is the ceo and co-founder of be blockchain, the main blockchain consultancy and development firm in wallonia. He co-initiated walchain, wallonia’s business blockchain cluster.

Steve vansimpsen - blockchain & financial advisor 

Steve is also co-founder and cfo at be blockchain srl. Specialized in tokenomics and financial risk management, he is financial advisor at elikia diamond and coordinator at yellow, a leader in blockchain and defi infrastructure.


Private sale starts on july 1st 2022

Q1 / 2022 - white paper publication 

Q1 / 2022 - new website 

Q2 / 2022 - nft design 

Q2 / 2022 - ino whitelist launch 

Q2 / 2022 - ino private sale 

Q2 / 2022 - ino public sale 

Q2-q3 / 2022 - investment phase starts: 

Construction kick-off of the new camp for workers at the mine

Mining equipment acquisition and transport 

Delivery of new equipment at the mine 

Extraction with the new equipment 

Diamond delivery at the antwerp office and building process for jewelry and collaboration with our first brand ambassador 

Official launch of the jewelry brand 

Welcoming clients for special mining to jewelry experience (the peak of transparency)

Q1 / 2023 - nft distribution to mint pass holders

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