El Oso & Wild Kong by Ozuna x Richard Orlinski

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May 28, 2021 – June 02, 2021





Multi-platinum singer-songwriter Ozuna and renowned sculptor and visual neo-pop artist Richard Orlinski have teamed up for an NFT drop.

On May 28th, they release the ‘El Oso & Wild Kong’ NFT Collection on Rarible. The collection is inspired by Richard’s iconic sculpture the Wild Kong, and Ozuna’s recognizable Teddy Bear logo.

‘El Oso & Wild Kong’ features 5 NFT pieces:

  • Voiture: 500 Limited editions
  • Trophée: 100 limited editions
  • Porto Rico: 100 limited editions
  • Stadium: 50 limited editions
  • No Mans Land: 1/1 edition that will be auctioned off.

‘El Oso & Wild Kong’ is a great example of the harmony of art and music.

Mark your calendars for May 28th not to miss the drop by Ozuna and Richard Orlinski!

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