Eddy City

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April 22, 2022 – April 29, 2022


Magic Eden


Eddy is a llama - a llama who wants to discover the city. He traveled from the mountains to the city to discover the modern world and to find new friends. Exciting developments that keep expanding the city and creating new cities. Eddy wants to open a shop and thus connect the real world with the NFT world. Small steps forward until Eddy is known - in the city and in real life. Help Eddy make decisions as a friend - the more friends Eddy has - the greater the deeds we start together! All decisions are discussed and decided with all friends. Let's bring the city to reality and NFT not just be an online thing. Eddy's to do list: one among 3210 great friends give 160 Sol. open webshop with NFT motif and NFC tag sewn in. glue the real life full of posters by Eddy and thus bring the NFT world into the real life explore several cities with different dudes from soldudescity! ...and much more !



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