E4C Rangers Auction - Heir of Musashi

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July 31, 2022 – August 07, 2022





The exclusive auction event for the Ultimate Edition of Heir of Musashi

- 15 one-of-one NFTs with the most unique visual appearance and utilities. - An open ascending bid auction in which the highest bidder wins and pays the second highest price. - The bidding price starts from 6.5 ETH. - From July 31st 9AM EST to August 6th 9AM EST. - On OpenSea only.

What's special about the utilities of the Ultimate Edition?

- Share an additional 2% of the in-game IP ownership* exclusively. - E4C governance token airdrop. - Premium in-game benefits and additional airdrops**. - Special gifts by signing up for the auction and bidding at least once, including but not limited to Soulbound badges. *: IP ownership refers to the in-game champions and skins sales of the corresponding character. **: Additional airdrops refer to more playable champions and skins in the game.

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