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February 08, 2023 – February 15, 2023


Magic Eden



Dripd is aiming to become THE central NFT/Crypto merch platform for holders, users, projects and 1/1 custom creators – essentially a one-stop-shop for goods and services in the NFT ecosystem.

Dripd will provide a fully functioning Web3 Commerce platform (B2C & B2B) with token gating capabilities. Pay in Fiat or Crypto. We’ve streamlined the hard part. Open your own store, or have us control it all for you. From design to creation to fulfillment, we do it all.


Many NFT projects are trying to create a brand. By having all projects and creators listed on one central platform, we will create a single place where people can discover merchandise (and projects) that they did not know even existed. In addition to just NFT project merch, a big focus of ours is to enable the smaller creators in the space and give them a high-traffic area to list their awesome services and crafts. We will cater to our clients and create THE space to buy and sell NFT/Crypto merch that brings benefits to everyone participating in it.

Holder Benefits?

SITEWIDE dynamic discounts for ALL stores on the platform,  Exclusive drops (some will be free), Referral program, Tangible rewards, “Wear to earn” (You'll see. No shitcoins either.), Points. Points. Points, A scaling platform and NFT value model.

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