Motor Sparkly

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February 11, 2023 – February 18, 2023


Magic Eden



2000 unique NFTs built in the Solana blockchain. 

our mission: build a luxury car rental business. 

Road map

  1. making our nft minting available
    2000 nft on the solana blochain will be made available to the public at the price of 3 solana per single piece
  2. sparkly coin
    Our owners of our nft will have the opportunity to redeem a precise amount of our crypto. Our cars will be possible to rent not only with fiat money, but also in crypto, also with sparkly coin. To earn our crypto, our stake platform will be available where our nft owners can stake their own nft to earn coin sparkly
  3. buy luxury cars
    This phase will be dedicated to the search for luxury cars. Limited-offer collections dedicated to luxury car purchases will be created. Luxury car owners will also be able to lease their cars on passive income.
  4. make our car rental possible
    When all the cars will be purchased and placed inside our garage, the rental will be made available to the public, anyone will be able to rent our cars and the owners of our nft will have discounts.

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