Doozy Dogs

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February 01, 2023 – February 08, 2023





Doozy Dogs NFT Club 

Daily ETH Giveaways

Free WL places and NFT

Big Roadmap

10%  We pay back our moms and start daily/weekly giveaways and drops of ETH, Doozy Dogs and... Puppys! A puppy can then grow up and become any type of Breed!

20%  We release the Angry Dogs. 5 Angry Dogs are airdropped to random Doozy Dog holders everyday.

40%  We release $DYDG token, you can exchange your dogs for tokens!

60%  We start a functionallity to "breed" your dogs to unlock new dogs!

80%  We release secret notes and easter eggs, beginning a treasure hunt. The first to solve the mystery will be rewarded 5 ETH and a Doozy Dog!

90%  The Savage Dog (NFT Breeding) Lab gets realeast, allowing Doozy Dog holders to breed to get Puppys, Savage Dogs, Angry Dogs and Wolves!

100%  We release our game, a free game where users can compeate to earn ETH and Dogs!

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