Dogs & Burgerz

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November 30, 2022 – December 07, 2022


Magic Eden



Dogs&Burgerz are anthropomorphic dogs that live on the planet McDoggers. McDoggers are a burger-shaped planet. All they do on this planet is eat their burgers. They gobble them up for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, as well as a small burger at noon and before going to bed. Their hobby is eating burgers. Their job is to eat burgers. From birth, parents teach their children how to eat their burgers. Then at school, those same kids are taught to eat their burgers. Then at universities they are taught how to eat burgers professionally. That's how their life goes, along with their burgers. Now they've come to our planet Earth to take it over and make all of humanity eat burgers. Oh noooo they've already taken over most of the planet!!! We're next................!!!!!!!!Mint some dogs to save the rest of the world.

Tags: #art

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