Digital Doll Collectors

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October 20, 2022 – October 27, 2022



The Digital Doll Collectors welcome you to their Online Community. They also welcome you to their 12 Months Dolly project which creates a new doll collection each month for the next 12 months of which you will see all different dolls here from all different walks and ways of Dolly's life. Their main objective is to build a community of Future Digital Doll Collectors who will Create, Trade, Flip, Collect, and Invest in the future of Digital Doll Collecting together. Therefore, Welcome the first doll in the 12 Months Dolly Collection - DollBaby NFT which is an 800-piece randomly generated collection on the Ethereum blockchain. DollBaby NFT has a persona which says First Shes A Doll, Then Shes A Baby and is also known as RunItUpDollBaby, DollBabyCrypto, and DollBabyClout because she comes from the world of Glam, Sparkle, Glitter, and All Things CakeBaby as being the true CryptoBaby that she is.

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