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October 03, 2021 – October 10, 2021





Items #1-600 are now listed for general sale on our OpenSea site.  The initial listing represents all one and two roll combinations of our unique 24-sided die.  Joining our community of owners in this early phase has large benefits as we release the rest of the set (an additional 13,824 items) and run accompanying promotions.  Visit our site for more info.

"Part of the beauty of The Rolls is its simplicity and unlimited potential.  The Rolls is comprised of unique dice that exist purely in the metaverse.  Each die consists of sides that can be one of four colors (black, green, red, white) and one of 6 values (1,2,3,4,5,6) providing a unique 24-sided die which can produce 24 combinations with 1 roll, 576 combinations with 2 rolls, 13,824 combinations with 3 rolls, etc...  Each numbered NFT in the series is unique and represents a 1-of-1 token of each possible outcome.  Initial pricing is determined by the rarity of combinations (doubles, color combinations, totals, etc) with same color doubles being the rarest and most valuable of all."

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