Designer Bear Club

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April 14, 2022 – April 21, 2022



Phase 1– Constructing the Designer Bear Den - Complete**

The bear family consisting of Big Bear, Papa Bear, Lil Bear, ZeeBear & Baby Bear was formed to create the strongest, most involved NFT Community in the Metaverse. The bears developed the following motto in which this community is shaped around: 

“The success of the community will be determined by the success of its holders”

This motto is very simple yet very powerful. We will value the input of every holder and provide continuous value to our community. One thing is for sure, we will leave no one behind. 

Phase 2 – Growing the Bear Family - Complete**

As noted above, our community is of the upmost importance. Therefore, our first Phase relies solely on the recruitment of world class community members who will receive access to sneak peaks, huge giveaways and provide inputs on design. We believe that this will be the most important phase of our project and where some of our most valuable community members will be determined. Included in this Phase is the construction of the Social Media Platforms and completion of artwork. 

Phase 3 – Providing for our Loved Ones - Complete **

The first 50 members of the community will be rewarded with an automatic Whitelist spot as well as being rewarded with royalty sharing from OS. It is important to the developers to give back to our early supporters. In addition, another 200 members will also be given a Whitelist spot and be rewarded with Profit Sharing from the Mint. 

*Phase 4  – Bear Drop - In Progress**

Once the community has reached 10,000 discord members, a drop date and affordable mint price will be determined by the developers. To ensure members of the community receive additional access to Whitelist, a grand total of 2000 community members will have access to a presale prior to public mint. In addition to all that, the developers will be giving away a Tesla and $10,000 to two lucky community members who excel.

Phase 5 – Bears Helping Bears**

At 100% sold, the Designer Bear Club will provide a donation of $100,000 to a charity voted on by our community members. Instead of the developers deciding which community to donate too, we wanted to give our community a chance to give back to what is most important to them. 

Phase 6  through ♾️  – Bears to the Future!!**

This is where the developers will once again look to the community for recommendations and ideas. To ensure our community members receive strong returns on their investment we will be launching the following next chapters as per our #into-the-metaverse story line: 

- Chapter 2: Designer Bear Cubs - Coming Mid 2022

- Chapter 3: Designer Bear College - Coming Late 2022

- Chapter 4: Designer Bear Dropouts - Coming Early 2023

- Chapter 5: Designer Bear Country Club - Coming Mid 2023

Each drop will bring its one special flavor to our project as we expand into the MetaVerse. As we proceed through our project, we will be furthering our story line with the help of our community.  We will To ensure we invest our community members, we will also be:

- Dropping a merch line with member exclusives

- Bringing in world class investors to provide our community with NFT Investing Advice

- Purchasing Metaland to host virtual events, exclusive for community holders

- Provide holders with discounts to the most popular brands in the MetaVerse

- Collaboration with designer brands

We are excited to have the community with us as we travel to MARS 

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