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May 31, 2022 – June 07, 2022


Magic Eden



Descendance is our introduction to owning land in our upcoming metaverse. ArithMos metaverse will be split into regions, then each region will be split into territories, and each territory will be split into housing plots. Each Descendance NFT symbolizes a unique territory in our metaverse. Owners of this territory will not only gain passive income from all nodes that are being mined within their territory, but also gain passive income from our soon launching ArithMos Cafe. In ArithMos Cafe players will be able to play for a chance to double their $SOL. If a player loses, their money will go back to the community in two forms: a portion to the ArithMos Cafe prize pool, and the rest back to our MECHA & Descendance NFT holders. Each NFT holder will receive a percentage based on the tier they hold.

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