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March 30, 2023 – April 06, 2023







Introducing Degen Matrix

Degen Matrix is a web development company aiming to pioneer the Web3
movement by pushing the boundaries of the current space to reach unrealized possibilities and potential. As a collective of engineers, creators and dreamers, Degen Matrix hopes to change this narrative by striving to be the industry leader in innovating simple and effective web utilities for the next generation of the internet.

Foundational Values & Roadmap

Degen Matrix is bonded by three foundational values. With honesty and integrity, Degen Matrix strives to: inspire, imagine and innovate. Through the three foundational values, three roadmap branches emerged in three areas, with the hope to provide the community with tools, assets, and experiences that stand out from the conventional NFT space. These three branches are:

  • Technology (Degen Matrix Evolution)
  • Entertainment & Art (Degen Matrix Studios)
  • Wellness & Wellbeing (Degen Matrix Lifestyle)

The OG Matrix Membership

Degen Matrix recognized that their three roadmap branches required a membership structure, forming the basis of their first NFT: The OG Matrix Membership.

The Matrix Membership (OMM) is the flagship membership for Degen Matrix - the OG, elite, exclusive membership. This membership gives holders special access to products and services - past, present and future - that Degen Matrix releases. As the community grows and as the products and services are increasingly desired, a Matrix Membership will have increasing value, due to its special access nature. The OG Matrix Membership is restricted to only 2022 NFTs — the year Degen Matrix was formed.

Other than being super cool, holders of the OG Matrix Membership, will receive:

  • Full access to Amarok - our trading bot!
  • A free mint of our first collection produced by Degen Matrix Studios!
  • Discounted and special access to other products and services!
  • Bonus future free mints & airdrops!
  • Exclusive online and real life events!
  • … and much more!

AMAROK In Inuit legend and mythology, Amarok, is a gigantic wolf said to stalk and devour any prey foolish enough to hunt alone at night. To Degen Matrix, Amarok is our very own API trading bot, powered by the OG Matrix Membership NFT! Using native code, our development team of security experts and trading strategists have created a unique tool to help you navigate through the crypto markets — paving the way to successful trades and profits. Through rigorous testing, Amarok has been proven to work on Binance, the largest trading exchange in the world.

Why trade with Amarok?

  • Amarok is a non-custodial trading bot, meaning that we never touch your money! Using API features, Amarok trades for you — but the funds never leave your account and are still under your control! Our Degen security experts and development team have designed Amarok to industry security standards with constant monitoring by our development team.
  • Have you ever regretted a trade because you acted emotionally? Using Amarok removes all emotional trading. Just “Start the hunt”, and let it run. Even through tough times, Amarok will do its thing.
  • Don’t know too much about trading? Too busy to tune your own trading bot? Are other trading services too complicated to use? Let Degen Matrix handle the hard work for you. Amarok’s ease of use is your key to set it and forget it.
  • With its near-bottom entry points and profitable exit points, Amarok has a proven track record of impressive profits and returns — far greater than many other services or industries with numbers and figures to prove it!

SALE INFORMATION Price: 1 ETH for AMAROK Testers, 1.3 ETH for non-testers Reminder: This is for all the features and benefits the OMM offers, not just for Amarok. Can't get an OMM but want to use Amarok? Don't worry, we will be releasing Amarok on a subscription basis in the future! The Degen Matrix team has decided that Degen Matrix will forgo the classic NFT project mint. Instead, Degen Matrix will mint all of the NFTs themselves, and release them all onto Open Sea on March 30th, 2023 at 9am MST. This accomplishes a couple things:

  1. Degen Matrix has opted to release only 100 NFTs at a time, allowing us to control the number of NFTs available. 
  2. No gas war - you can buy at your convenience. No need to get up early or stay up late.
  3. It raises the total project’s ETH volume, making Degen Matrix attractive to other potential buyers.
  4. The memberships will not sell out immediately. We'll be able to control the floor. We're in it for the long haul! 

Want an OG Matrix Membership? Buy one on OpenSea!
Have questions? All of our social media outlets are open for questions. Join us on our discord to ask any and all questions.

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