CyberBibles Genesis

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March 24, 2023 – March 31, 2023





The Year is 2030. A Totalitarian group called The P.E.A.C.E has taken control of the world economy and military, creating a centralized one world government that fails to take care of its people. They abolish free markets and freedom of movement, silence all critics, and impose draconian limits on free speech and assembly. Their Super-AI entity known as IMAGE monitors all human activity, editing every digital library to suit the agenda of The P.E.A.C.E, including the Bible. Physical bibles are confiscated and burned, and those caught with them are imprisoned. People turn to drugs, alcohol, and the metaverse to escape, but a growing group of Christian hackers and resistance fighters called the Remnant seek to preserve an untouched copy of the Bible on decentralized blockchains in the form of NFTs.

CyberBibles NFTs represent the last hope for salvation and peace with God in a bleak and dystopian world.

CyberBibles are POWERFUL bible NFTs that give you asset ownership, entertainment, education, Community, & more

The project aims to bring a community together in the metaverse, distribute CyberBibles, and create an animated series based on the CyberBibles 2030 Storyline. CyberBibles are digital versions of the Bible that can be accessed within the metaverse and read in a blockchain viewer. The entire bible is encoded into the metadata of each NFT, making them immutable and non-cancelable. The goal is to create a positive impact and build a community through the distribution of these CyberBibles. Additionally, the project is focused on the creation of an animated series that will promote the values and teachings of the Bible... freedom and love, while also being entertaining for viewers.


  1. Bibles on The Blockchain: The entire old & new testament bible stored 0n an nft.
  2. Metaverse ownership: Purchasing a 6x6 estate in The Sandbox.
  3. Cyberbibles Animated Series: 'Holders Only' access to episodes & vip world premiers.
  4. Other benefits include: Airdrops & WL for future drops (12 Total); Metaverse event tickets; Giveaways; Exclusive Merchandise; Holder's only meetings; WEB3 Edu ($300 value); Earn Pray2Earn token; DAO Membership

Pre-Mint A: 3/23/23 0.015 ETH
Pre-Mint B: Good Friday 0.020 ETH
Public Mint: Easter Sunday 0.025 ETH
Supply: 12,000 NFTs - Ethereum
Traits: 100+ Rarities: 3 Levels

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